Bail Bonds Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Bail Bond?

It is a written confirmation and guarantee that the accused person will appear to court on the time agreed upon.  These bails in {city} are set on the basis of the nature of the crime and fleeing risk.  Some cases bails can be revoked entirely if the situation calls for a high risk factor.

How can bail be posted in my city?

Cash Only Request: The defendant and the co-signer would pay the amount requested by the court. They must sign contracts that guarantees the defendant will appear on the court date agreed upon.

Secured only Request: Where property and title would be deposited worth at least as much or more than the bail amount in these situations.


What happens after I sign a Bail Bond request?

You are promising that the defendant will appear to court and that if he does not appear you will assist in apprehending the defendant.

What if I want to change the Bond?

You might have to request a Motion to Modify a Bond. This takes 10 business days and is then received to the correct hearing department.  This process is typically confirmed by writing and your hearing date will be scheduled. Sometimes they will hear your motion on a letter and not require you to appear.

What type of Bail Bonds are there?

Property Bail Bonds – If not cash is available for bail you can use an alternative source like property as a collateral. If this is the option for you the property must be owned by the person setting the bail.  The property must be completely owned by you and also may require the property value to exceed the bail amount as collateral.  In case you do not appear to court the property could be forfeited to the courts.  In which the courts could sale your property on the public market.

Cash Bail Bonds – This is the most common bail type available where the cash amount is presented to the courts without the need of a bail bond company. The money you have secured will be returned to you upon arriving to court on the set date agreed upon.  You can have the bail money also go towards the fines presented by the court system as well in.

Federal Bail Bonds – If the suspect is facing a federal charge these crimes in become much more complex in it nature. These bones are set higher than your average bail bond and be different from each case. Most the time these bail amounts are very high, they become unaffordable unless a bail bond company is used in.

What is the going rate for a typical Bail Bond?

As we as many other states require that bail bonds to file a bail bond premium rate with the Department of Insurance. A few bail bond companies are authorized to take a 8% rate instead of the 10% standard rate. This 8% rate can be offered to people who are actively enrolled in a Union. A person that is part of the U.S. military or even has acquired a private counsel for the case for the defendant.

Some bail bond agencies include fees. It is important to ask if these agencies charge a fee to process a bail bond.

Bail Bond Rate Offering Information
Some bail bond companies can offer a special rate as long as certain qualifications are completed.

Private Counsel is retained – the lawyer must be acquired typically within five (5) days of the bond set and executed date.  It is important to ask the bail bond company what the procedure is right a for 8% rate when a lawyer is attained.

Union Members – A member of the Union is active or receiving special benefits such as disability, retirement benefits can provide this information to the bail bond agency within typically 30 days of the bond set and executed date.

Active or Veteran Members of the Military and Immediate Family – The co-signers and the person acquiring the bond can typically offered this as long as they provide proof within 30 days.  Asking the bail bond service company for more detailed is required to see if you can qualify for this 8% bail bond rate.

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